Ontario Justice IT Mega-System Post-Mortem

1 Jun ’05

The Globe has an article today looking back on the fiasco that was Ontario’s Integrated Justice Project, a failed large scale IT project intended to “to link Ontario’s correctional system, the courts, the judiciary, the prosecution service and the police into a seamless network through which civil and criminal cases could be filed and tracked”.

Instead, the project collapsed two years ago, six years after its creation, amid accusations of overheated rhetoric, incompetence and deceit.

Soon after the province pulled the plug, EDS Canada Ltd., the lead player in a consortium of private companies that was creating the computer network, commenced legal action to recover money spent on the cancelled project.

Today’s article notes that disputes over the project have now been quietly settled by the Ontario government after it paid out $63M.

Another example of the difficulty of managing complex IT projects.

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