Changes to the Blog

25 May ’05

If the blog looks different, it’s because I’ve made some small changes to improve read- and use-ability:

1. Changed the layout to a fixed 800 pixel width – I found the liquid format tough to read on a wide screen
2. Moved the search bar from the top of the screen to within the sidebar
3. Added an email notification feature using Brian Groce’s excellent plug-in
4. Changed the Category link in the sidebar to an exploding link, to save space in the sidebar
5. Added a separate RSS feed for each category
6. Added a “most popular posts” entry in the sidebar, using Alex King’s amazing popularity contest plug-in
7. Italicized block quotes
8. A few other nips and tucks here and there

The process has been a great reminder of how powerful WordPress is – I’m very happy I made the transition from Typepad. Thanks to my friends at Userinmind for helping with the coding on some of these changes.

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