Offshoring Beyond the Routine

24 May ’05

Prism Legal posts on the growth in legal outsourcing of non-commodity mandates. Quote:

I recently spoke with the co-founders of legal Indian offshore service Pangea3, which has already moved beyond the routine.

Co-founders David Perla and Sanjay Kamlani say they help companies with patents, legal research, litigation support, and contracts. Contract work includes high-volume, routine items such as NDAs. It goes much further, however, to include negotiating and drafting one-off agreements. Workers in India sometimes even conduct live negotiations.

In effect, Pangea3 serves as the “contracts department” for some customers, including handling agreements for non-US jurisdictions. Perla says that “more than 50% of our revenue is high value work rather than routine, high volume work; this came as surprise to us but we handle it well.”

I recently spoke with David also, and this angle came as a surprise to me. It probably shouldn’t have; there is no good reason to expect Indian attorneys to enjoy the mundane any more than the rest of us do.

But one angle of the Pangea3 model intrigues me – they and other outsourcers provide an opportunity for sole practitioners to dramatically leverage their local market knowledge, experience and client relationships. Another reason to suppose that the high overhead / high cost model is on the way out.

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