Canada’s Access to Information Laws to Be Amended

6 Apr ’05

Via David Akin, details on proposed amendments to Canada’s Access to Information Act, with much detail and links to press releases, discussion paper and a detailed report.

Highlights of the proposed changes:

  • Expanding coverage under the ATIA to more Crown Corporations and other entities, such as Alternate Dispute Delivery Organizations.
  • Proposing the possible extension of the ATIA to the Office of the following Agents of Parliament: the Information Commissioner, the Privacy Commissioner, the Commissioner of Official Languages, the Chief Electoral Officer, and the Auditor General.
  • Modernizing exclusions and exemptions relating to such matters as Cabinet confidences, among others.
  • Updating current Access to Information processes such as fee collection and time limits for processing Access to Information and Privacy requests.
  • Introducing new administrative reforms such as providing specific training in information management and disclosure of information to executives and public servants, and upgrading tools to assist institutions in processing access requests or to track timelines.
  • Thanks, David!

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