LexThink! Chicago 2005

4 Apr ’05

I’m back home after spending the weekend in Chicago. Saturday was acclimatization, sight-seeing and meeting some people there for ABA Techshow, Sunday as a participant in LexThink! Chicago.

LexThink! is a new annual (we hope) conference organized by Matt Homann, Dennis Kennedy and Sherry Fowler around the idea of building the perfect professional services firm. 49 bright, enthusiastic, focussed, smart, tech-savvy service-oriented professionals from all walks of life. Oh, and me too. :)

And here was my #1 takeaway – if only 1% of people out there in these walks of life are like my new LexThink friends, we are on the edge of an IT-driven revolution in professional services businesses. Just watch them go.

Thanks, Matt, Dennis and Sherry. What a brilliant experience. New friends, new ideas, new passions, new hope.

And to close, Matt Buchanan’s stream-of-consciousness take on Techshow and LexThink!, which I agree with 100%:

Wow. Amazing. People who “get it.” Revolution(?). Fun. Mark calendar every year. Tips. Contacts. 3:00 AM. Energized. Proud. Friends. Like-minded people. What took me so long to find this group (billable hours?). Change. Change. Change. Better. Client. Focus. Improvement. Competitive advantage. Rethink(ip). Connect. Blog. Blawg. Evangelism. Pope. I’m not crazy. Future. Network. Help. Practice-changing. Support. Life-changing. Tired. Interesting. What’s next? Define it. It. Thought leader. Goals. Inspiring.

See the sidebar for more LexThink! resources.

Same time next year?

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