Resistance is Futile

23 Mar ’05

In a story that seems almost too Star Trekkish to be true, The Register reports that the US firm Cyberkinetics has successfully trialled a system that allows a user to control a computer via a brain implant. So far the controls are very basic, but the implications are staggering, and not just for fans of Star Trek’s Borg. In the trial, a quadraplegic volunteer was able to control a robotic arm. Quote:

A US company has carried out trials on a brain implant which offers quadriplegics the possibility of controlling a computer by mind-power alone. Although the first volunteer to use the Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems’ BrainGate has so far been able only to move an on-screen cursor, play the game Pong and transmit simple instructions to a robotic arm, the developers hope that in the future, paralysis will not be an obstacle to surfing the web, sending email and generally enjoying the PC experience.

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