The Authentication Society

16 Mar ’05

David Fraser has a nice riff this morning off of a recent post by Dennis Bailey at Open Society Paradox on where the responsibility lies for preventing identity theft.  David and Dennis’ point is that the institutions to which the identity thieves take their ill-gotten info have a responsibility to ensure they are dealing with the right people.

Which has me thinking about the increasing importance of authentication in all of our dealings as we move to a society in which our exchanges – banking, shopping, voting, dating – all of it – are digital at some point and require authentication of identity.  We can’t all carry around the King’s seal to prove we are who we say we are.

"The Authentication Society" – I like it – good name for a blog :)

And topical, this week:

  • Bruce Schneier writes about two-factor authentication and why the Banks should not be moving in that direction.  Answer: man-in-the-middle and trojan attacks
  • Microsoft has announced that Windows will move towards two-factor authentication
  • One gets the feeling that we are only at the beginning of a very long road on this problem.

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