Summary of Incidents Cataloged on PIPEDA and Canadian Privacy Law

27 Feb ’05

David Fraser has an excellent post today cataloguing recent incidents related to inappropriate release of personal information.  Good grief it’s a long list.

It’s a vivid reminder of how often this happens and, apropos of recent events, should be especially timely.  Money quote:

Inadequate security of personal information is the one practice that is the most likely to put your company on the front pages of the paper and to destroy any customer trust you’ve managed to develop.

David also posts today on the erosion of trust in e-commerce arising from security failures.

Trust online is a potent asset – just think of the impact a high eBay rating has on your perception of the counterparty.  This is exactly what you’d expect – at a distance, it is awfully hard to get the warm and fuzzies from the other party; brand reputation fills that void.  Hard won, and easily lost.  Losing that trust because of a security problem is like, well, torching your balance sheet.  Protect your brand – protect your customer – protect their data.

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