How to Lose Your Customers’ Trust, Lesson #1

27 Feb ’05

Via BoingBoing, how to lose your customers one heartbeat after they have a credible alternative to what you do for them:

Paying Canadian teclo an extra $50 makes IRC and ftp secure, somehow

Simon sez, "It was reported in Vancouver that Canadian telecom giant Telus has outlawed home servers for its customers with residential highspeed service. Ports used by such ftp, telnet and IRC servers, among others, have been blocked. According to Telus, ‘These security measures are designed to reduce illicit traffic.’

"But if home users upgrade to a business account (for $84.95 a month, rather than $29.95) the blocked ports magically become unstuck. There’s no mention, however, of increased security measures in the upgraded business accounts. Interpret this how you like."

This is also, obviously, the surest sign that you are effectively a monopoly – losing interest in communicating with your clients with an eye to maintaining their loyalty to you.  Get real – tell them they are using too much bandwidth and that you have to charge them more.  They can handle it, and you might actually get their respect.

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