Rogers’ Wi-Fi Plans

24 Feb ’05

Rogers’ recently announced plans to partner with Second Cup to install wireless access points in their locations and charge $9 per hour for access have not met with much enthusiasm among the usual commentators – Mark Evans here and Tyler Hamilton here.  I certainly agree that free=good, but I’m not sure how anyone makes any money doing that – coffee shops, etc. can install it in the hopes of getting drinkers to stay longer and order more coffee, but how much coffee do you really need?  And what about everywhere else?

Still $9 is, well, pretty goofy – the AP’s cost $3,000 to install and peanuts to operate.  That’s one heck of an ROI.  How about $15 a month for universal access, or a $5 / mo surcharge if you have a Rogers ISP account?  How about pitching universal access and stocking up on WiFi enabled devices?

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