Governments Earn Failing Grades For Computer Security

24 Feb ’05

There is news (news? this is news?) that several branches of the US government have earned low grades for computer security:

Who you are going to call when it comes to computer security? Not the federal government, according to grades given to the largest agencies and departments under the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Indeed, the government-wide grade was a D+ for 2004.

The following departments received a resounding F for 2004 computer security: Commerce, Veterans Affairs, Agriculture, Health and Human Services, Energy, Housing and Urban Development and Homeland Security (ironic, no?). Of this group, Veterans Affairs fell from the C it earned in 2003, and Commerce dropped from its 2003 C-minus.

A little less irony would be nice.

Oddly enough (!), last week the Canadian Auditor General said more or less the same about the Canadian Government’s (in)security.  Predictably, the Government has rebutted that it is already taking steps.  (always taking steps, they are …)

The original news seemed to fall on deaf ears, after the first round of supper-hour headlines.  The budget will push it even further back on the newsroll.  This warning was the second since 2002.  Next time, with feeling.  Or, look for a threepeat in 3 years.

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