Mobile VoIP Over WiFi

23 Feb ’05

Via Slashdot, MuniWireless is reporting a successful test of multi-party VoIP calls over WiFi at 130 kph.  Quote:

The world’s first highway Wi-Fi mobile voice network has been successfully tested on a US interstate highway – the Canamex Interstate Highway (I-19) from Rio Rico to a point south of Green Valley, Arizona. Wi-VOD deployed it using a Department of Homeland Security grant; the network is managed by the Arizona Telecommunications and Information Council. Get this: Wi-VOD claims it was able to make multi-party VoIP conference calls at speeds in excess of 130 kilometres per hour (80mph) sustained over the entire network.

Meanwhile, Glenn Fleishman has a post on the last Verizon anti-MuniWiFi lobbying shenanigans (those scamps!) in Texas.

It’s coming.  On a related note, Vonage Canada is now telling its customers that it will in 2005 be rolling out wireless VoIP for home use.

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