The Contra View on Legal KM

21 Feb ’05

Via excited utterances, some food for thought on the view that more law firm knowledge management is not worth the effort.  Quote:

Many firms appear—like the majority of US firms did some years ago—to have given up on trying to improve knowledge management. So I fear that, at the moment, not much effort is going into this area. The prevailing view appears to be that it is just too difficult to make it significantly more effective than it is now—which is (generally) not spectacularly effective—so it is not worth the effort.

One can’t help think that this attitude is going to change only when industry starts demanding more effective use of lawyers’ time – and that this won’t really happen until the billable hour comes under more sustained attack, which won’t really happen until we see more of, say, this, which actually might start happening sooner rather than later ….

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