New Authentication Technology

15 Feb ’05

Apropos of my recent posts on passwords and security, I noticed a post on Bob Shaver’s excellent blog on a new password-based authentication technology developed by iMagic Software that combines passwords with a system that recognizes the (apparently) unique rhythms we each use to key them in.  Money quotes:

People need to spend a few minutes on the once-only registration by repeatedly typing their chosen phrase or sequence of letters and characters while the software "remembers" their unique pattern.

This would typically take two or three minutes for a simple PIN or password, maybe 20 to 60 minutes for a senior executive who needs to access or input sensitive company information, and perhaps half a day for an FBI official who’ll be going in and out of top secret government files.

Once enrolled and verified by the software, it is virtually impossible for anyone to successfully duplicate another person’s typing rhythms. With a simple four-digit PIN it’s hard to spoof, Mr. Bender said; at the super-sensitive level of the FBI, the rate of false identification is less than one in 50 billion.

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