Targeted Cab-top Advertising

2 Feb ’05

The cab-top (OK, I just made that up – it’s those advertising wedges that sit atop cabs) market is about to become considerably more dynamic, through a combination of wirelessly updateable panels on the displays, and GPS technology to aid in the targeting of advertising to the cab’s location.  Money quote from a PC World article:

But what’s most interesting is the system’s potential for customization through global positioning system technology, which allows clients to choose ads targeted to the demographics of a cab’s home base, or even for ads to change as the cab moves from one area to another. The GPS feature enables advertisers to cater their pitch to particular sales territories, neighborhood demographics, even local dialect, says Ditoro. A client, for example, might decide to make one pitch to observers on Manhattan’s Park Avenue and another to the locals in the Bronx. The system could also change the language of the ad copy to reflect whether the cab was in San Francisco’s Japantown or in the predominantly Hispanic Mission district. "With the multicultural boom that’s happening in the United States, this is really the way that ads should be going," says Ditoro.

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