But Imagine How the Mice Feel

22 Jan ’05

Scientists have reversed the effects of Alzheimer’s on lab mice.  (It seems the mice kept taking the wrong turn on the way to the cheese.)  Money quote:

The US team used an antibody to remove the build up of
potentially damaging deposits from the area of the brain responsible
for memory and cognition.  The treatment reversed the nerve cell  damage in days, Washington University School of Medicine researchers said.

UK experts described the findings, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, as "exciting".


(Mice now expect a new generation of much more complicated mazes.)

In a related story, US regulators are reviewing the safety of Reminyl, an anti-Alzheimer’s medication made by Johnson & Johnson, after data from two clinical trials indicated that people taking the
drug had a much higher death rate than those taking a placebo.

In the wake of the Vioxx removal and concerns about similar drugs such as Celebrex, this news is a reminder of the importance to public health of full publicity of all testing data ….

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