Successful CEO’s Do Not Multitask

30 Dec ’04

Via Jim Grisanzio via Jeff Sandquist, a piece by Anne Fisher in Fortune flogging her new book, Organized for Success: Top Executives and CEOs Reveal the Organizing Principles That Helped Them Reach the Top.  Money quote:

The biggest mistake most people make, according to Winston, is multitasking. "Successful CEOs do not multitask," she told me. "They concentrate intensely on one thing at a time." What stops the rest of us from doing likewise is a reluctance to set boundaries, she says. "People tell me they feel guilty if they turn off their instant messaging, even though it drives them crazy," Winston says. "But how can you do your best work if you’re constantly distracted? It’s perfectly okay to say, ‘No, I’m busy right now.’" I, for one, plan to try that in the New Year. In fact, so I don’t forget, I’ll put it on a stickie.

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