Can you balance your desktop on your knees?

9 Dec ’04

The Globe and Mail has a story today (no permalink available) that … er …. well, here is the nub of it:

Research published today in the journal Human Reproduction has found
that laptops, combined with the thighs pressed-together posture needed
to balance them, give off enough heat to raise the temperature inside
testicles by nearly three degrees Celsius (5.4 F).

Quite apart from the obvious question of whether alpha-geeks attract mating partners to begin with,  this is going to drive the manufacturers, well, nuts:

So where should men use a laptop? "Use it on a desk," he said, "anywhere but on the lap."

If the findings sound, well, nuts, no doctor is likely to dismiss them.

Hmmm.  But  wait a minute:

Sitting with their thighs together increased testicular temperature by
2.1 degrees. When the laptop was added, the temperature rose to a
median 2.6 degrees in the left testicle and 2.8 degrees in the right.
Several earlier studies have shown that increases of more than one
degree can have a negative effect on sperm development and fertility.

So the laptop adds less than the one degree, and the real culprit is sitting with ones thighs together.  This could be a real problem for the kilt industry ….

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