LexThink! Chicago Posts

26 Nov ’04

Here’s a sticky post with links as-I-get-them to some post-Lex posts about the goings-on at LexThink! Chicago

  • Matt Homann’s first post about LexThink!
  • My first impressions
  • Monica Bay’s thinking about Lex (yes, that is yours truly in photo #2, talking to Bob Wiss of CaseSoft)
  • Matt Buchanan’s stream-of-consciousness
  • Doug Sorocco’s thoughts about LexThink and TechShow
  • Notes from the Legal Underground on one of the most gruesome law-blogging accidents in history
  • Jack Vinson comes out of LexThink! thinking about collaboration and trust
  • The Greatest American Lawyer is thinking about thinking
  • Ernie the Attorney on The Anonymous Lawyer
  • Carolyn Elefant is thinking about doing
  • Jeremy Blachman on the Attorney-Client relationship
  • Yvonee Divita is confessing
  • Dennis Kennedy is watching Some Kind of Monster
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